Day 01 - Quito

bienvenida ec natureTransfer in Quito Accommodation at First Class or Deluxe Hotel

Day 02: Quito-Otavalo-Quito

Otavalo Handcrafts2Leaving Quito north along the Panamerican Highway we drive across colorful valleys. Guayllabamba valley, an important area producing avocado and the local chirimoya fruit (custard apple). Cayambe valley on the other hand, traditionally dedicated to dairy cattle and manufacturing of dairy products, in the last three decades, has seen an important boom in rose farming. The region offers great photo opportunities. Arrival in the province of Imbabura, known as the “Ecuadorian lake province”.

This tour will take us to one of the rose plantations of the region. Delight your senses in observation of the process of rose producing activity, from the hoop houses to the post-harvest rooms. Beauty in colors, perfume and the sizes of the roses will prove to be a tour for the senses!

Visit the Otavalo market, the better known market in South America, in as far as, to the gentle and soft spoken Otavalo Indians; attired with beautiful and unique costumes. Interaction with the local people is given to the visitor through the process of bargaining, which is the fun element in the negotiations, while purchasing woven goods both in sheep´s wool and cotton, as well as, hats, belts, bags, jewelry and more. Tourist´s photography paradise. Drive back to Quito.

Accommodation at First Class or Deluxe Hotel

Day 03: Quito-Jungle Lodge

canoa amazoniaTransfer out Quito
Flight to Coca area

After a forty five minute flight from Quito we reach the town of Coca, in the Amazon rain forest. Private ground transportation and canoe ride to a jungle lodge. Lunch. Refreshing swim in the lagoon, bird and butterfly watching. Short nocturnal walk after dinner. Lodge accommodation.

Day 04: Amazonia

amazonia1Breakfast. Early in the morning a bird watching walk inside terra-firme forest is scheduled to observe huge kapok trees and strangler figs. Picnic. After lunch we provide two optional hikes. A moderately easy walk along the Napo River; or a demanding hike to observe squirrel monkeys and other jungle species. Return to the lodge on canoe. Dinner and lodging.

Day 05: Amazonia

shamanAfter breakfast, hike along the Lagartococha trail. We will navigate down a river to search for anacondas and caiman, perhaps capuchin monkeys. Return to the lodge. After lunch, we schedule piranha fishing, or canoe rides on Igapó River to observe sloths and otters. We then climb up to the canopy tower to observe an interesting variety of birds and if weather permits, Mount Zumaco in the distance. Upon returning to the inn we may watch caiman, bats and nocturnal birds. Dinner and lodging.

Day 06: Amazonia - Quito

quito modernoBreakfast. Early departure and a final opportunity to spot other monkey species. Return to Quito.

Day 06: Quito

iglesia san franciscoColonial city tour: San Francisco de Quito, recognized as the largest and better preserved colonial city in the Americas. Quito, due to its artistic vocation offers art and creativity ranging from the modern to the lavish baroque. While touring opportunity to recognize the gothic style of the Basilica of the Heart of Jesus; dwellings with architectonical influence derived from Spanish Conquistadores visible in observation of tile roofs, forged iron rode balconies and beautifully carved doors. The heart of Quito, Independence Square, flanked by the Presidential and the Archbishop´s palaces, the Metropolitan Cathedral give to the visitor the feeling of going back in time to the of Spanish-American era. The Jesuit church of La Compañía de Jesús, magnificent example of the baroque style in Latin America. Panoramic view San Francisco de Quito, UNESCO´S World Heritage Site.

Accommodation at First Class or Deluxe Hotel

Day 07: Quito-Galapagos

galapagosTransfer out Quito
flight to Galapagos

Day 07-10: Galapagos experience

Blue footed boobyCome see the islands that Charles Darwin made famous. Galapagos travel beckons every birder, nature lover and curious traveler. Each day on a Galapagos cruise you leave your yacht to explore these uninhabited island treasures. On our Galapagos tours, we stay in hotels and set out by foot, kayak, horse or bike with a naturalist guide who shows the diversity of Galapagos wildlife and teaches about the area's natural history. Each island is filled with Galapagos travel highlights: snorkeling with playful sea lions, admiring the amusing blue-footed Boobie, whale-watching, or hiking to lava tunnels on Santa Cruz Island. Travel with us to the Galapagos Islands and visit one of the most undisturbed ecosystems in the world!

Day 10: Galapagos-Quito

espa¤ola 2Transfer in Quito
Accommodation at First Class or Deluxe Hotel

Day 11: Quito

Transfer Out



On behalf of Great Grand Nachas & More group, Milton Pfeiffer – president and myself I would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for a wonderful tour you organized for our group in Quito and the Galapagos Islands Last November...


- Michael Tuchfeld -


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